Yoga Pants = The New Mommy Jeans!

yoga pants are the new mom jeans

yoga pants are the new mom jeans

Whoever created yoga pants is a certified genius! Whether you’re an active young woman, a working professional, an expectant mother or new mom, yoga pants have become a functional wardrobe staple. Comfort doesn’t have to mean frumpy and no one deserves comfort more than a mom! We all enjoy knocking around in our sweats, but let’s face it – it’s not the sexiest look out there. Yoga pants kick that chill look up a notch and can ease you from day to night, all while feeling like you actually look kind of cute! I’m pretty sure guys are fans of the woman in the yoga pant : ) Am I wrong?

watch the classic snl skit:

If you just had a baby and are a little self-conscious of that lingering baby weight, a slimming black yoga pant allows you to feel better about yourself while being a super-mom-on-the-go. You can take your baby for a stroll in the morning, wrestle with your toddler in the afternoon and maybe even squeeze in a quick dinner out with friends all in the comfort of your yoga pants. Rock them with ballet flats and a cute tee or sweater for a more tailored look that still works practically with your daily lifestyle. They really go with everything so when we’re pressed for time (always) it helps smooth things along.

I think women are always happiest when they’re dressed the way they’re feeling at the time and yoga pants are great at helping us pull off the “I AM SUCH A FRAZZLED HOT MESS TODAY” look (and this applies to all women not just the mommies). Yoga pants move with you…to the grocery store, then to the playground, maybe to the gym if you’re lucky and every one of your countless life stops in between. Just like yoga can bring you a sense of inner calm, so do yoga pants.

Cool Yoga Pants from Lululemon

Cool Yoga Pants from Lululemon


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